Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week in japan was the best time in my life!!

And it really was!
The people are what really make it a real good place they are so nice!

when i arrived i was a bit lost wandered around for a while until i spotted "the man" connor!
so we went to drop my shit off and i had 2 tall cans o beer which i really needed anyway.

next day i went nuts over all the record shops we went to! i found real good stuff! mostly all japanese which i love anyways HAHA.
later on in the week we met up with kentaro(erections) and meguro(bubbles)for injections practice! which went pretty well hence it's the first practice! and leter on kenta met us there!

i had fun! after we drank more!

next day we went to nagoya!
to go to this!

it was such a good show! d-clone was noisy as fuck! n_n
for the most part all the bands were good!

that day we met up with koichiro(reject)!
he took us to more record and punk shops and we met up with CRUNCH!!!!
Both these guys were awesome!!!

next day we said our goodbyes and we took off back to shinjuku!
bought some hair spray and put up my hair and went to zone-b!

we played the gig and it was one hell of a time! one of the best gigs i've ever been to!
then i went with nori,52,kenji,and others to some izakaya place and i had a couple drinks and i fell asleep! i was exausted!

next day we went to killers and mack the knife and passed out some the injections/worst enemy japan only split cd-r's.

after met up with naka-chin his girl,kentaro,sharon and one other friend at a yakitori place.
we drank like loonies! especially me i kept on getting handed sochu so i kept on drinking!
and i ended up sleeping everywhere and throwing up like no tomorrow!

and all over my new bubbles shirt :(

we slept at kentaros house
we woke up early i was still drunk and feeling like shit so we had to go back to shinjuku which i did not wanna do because i was so lazy!
that night we went to moonstep to see shinshi! and it was such a good gig!

we said our goodbye to nori after the gig and headed out back to the hotel
next morning was the leaving date so had to catch a 7am bus! which is way too early!
we both went back to our homes and i was bummed! i am missing japan but most of all i miss the japanese people!

i will go soon again no doubt!